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After college, I moved to the west coast and lived in Santa Barbara and Hermosa

Beach while working in advertisement.  I then moved back to the Midwest in the late

80’s and early 90’s.  Their,  I became the Production Coordinator for Freeze & Friends, Chicago, IL 1989-1997


While working at Freeze & Friends the largest production facility for producing TV commercials in the Chicago Land Area. I was involved in the coordination of over 400 commercials as well as two NBC special that I free lanced. My responsibilities involved the coordination of: Crew, Location, City Permits, Camera Gear, Talent Coordination, Creative Meeting with Agency. Production Day: Stylist, Make Up, Production Assistants, Craft Service, Talent, Placement of film.  I then became the Casting Director for Freeze and Friends full time and casted many unknow stars at the time like, Jeremy Sisto, John Favreau and James Denton just to name a few.  I then was on staff for the Chicago Film Critics Awards were I was the liaison to the stars meeting some of the biggest and the best like Tom Hanks, Gary Sinise, Bonnie Hunt, Rosie Perez and many more.  After 10 years I decided to take a beak for a bit and then took a Job with DBS Communications, Schaumburg, IL 2004-2007


As acting Market Manager of Los Angeles, CA. My responsibilities were: The hiring of new employees, training them for their position and their territories, Marketing of our Product and its introduction to the LA area. Meeting with Media Advertisers, the building of distributions for our product (EZLINK Plus, VIP and 2GO.) As a team we signed over 600 stores in the greater LA area with in 14 months. I personally signed over 260 retailers that sold our product. I also was the first employee to sign a National account: Bartell Drug Stores (85 stores)) in Seattle Washington. With the signing of Bartell our first deal was 100k in handsets and 250k in reload cards for our product EZlink 2GO. I was also responsible for building distribution in Portland Or, Seattle Washington and then Las Vegas Nevada. With in 30 days I was able to increase sales in Las Vegas by over 50%.


In 2007 I decided to leave the company and start my own company to get in the internet business “” which became a big success in the greater Chicago area.  You still can see video from that business on youtube with the Americans Angels Ring Girls as well. In 2012 it all change after a drunk driver hit me and changed my life.  During that time of PT.  I thought of a new creative idea “Bobbin With ​Babes.”  The idea of starting something new is never to late.  



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